Motherless Child



Raised by a mother who turned to drugs to relieve past pain, Valencia had to grow up fast., welcomed by gangs, shunned by her family and finding motherhood early should have sealed Valencia’s fate… at least according to all the statistics… Instead, she found an inner strength born of determination, resolve, and forgiveness – the same kind of strength that can be found in anyone, with the right motivation. Her heart-wrenching story unfolds through glimpses of her own life and recollections of her mother, a woman she never knew till long after her death. Raw, poignant and brutally honest, “Motherless Child” steps into the void and reveals the hope, and forgiveness, the data ignores. Open, honest and often raw, “Motherless Child” exposes a falsehood far too many of us have been led to believe – that those raised in addiction will fall victim themselves. There are choices… there is hope… and there is a different way.

AMAZING! For someone to go through so many trials and tribulations and still come out swinging is inspiring. To write and share such a story takes courage. I am recommending this book to everyone. There is something that each reader can take away from such a story. Thank you for being brave enough to share your story.

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Very well written story of heartbreak and survival. Kudos to this author for telling her truth and being an inspiration for so many. This is sure to change someone's life simply by showing them they are not alone and that there is a light at the tunnel.

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