• Valencia Griffin-Wallace

Then there is that!

In the last released After Dark, I expressed an opinion that a lot of people agree with but are reluctant to say.

What is going on here in America and really across the world is called Karma. Now, I am no spiritual guru and am fluent in four letter words, but the last few years has me in a place. That place is called truth...unapologetically raw truth.

Most times, people don't want the truth. They want someone who will pacify their feelings and co sign their victimhood. I never was that person, but I would often find myself telling people it was okay in order to save their feelings. That is not true to me or my Aquariusness.

At the end of the day, I had to face up to some hard truths not feel good lies. If I wanted to save myself from a life of poverty (insert other issues here), it was up to me. How do I tie this back to the statement? Easy. If you live by the sword, you die by it. If you hit someone, someone will hit you back. You know all those lessons that you learned through reading about bullies getting the ish turned around on them…whelp.

The truth is for years, America has bullied other countries and people by forcing religion and so called righteous values on others all while putting the face of slave owners on money we work for. You will get the message later.

When I say Karma, I mean just that.

Kids get out of school for Columbus Day because he "discovered" America. Ummm, isn't "discovering" something that belongs to someone else called robbery. I am no law professor, but I think if I went to

Wal-Mart and "discovered" the register, I would probably be in jail not have a whole holiday.

But I digress, Meh!

Anyways, check out the episode and let me know your thoughts! xoxoxo

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