About Valencia

Valencia Griffin-Wallace is an award-winning, 6x bestselling author, speaker, and host of Define U Radio. She has presented on stages such as the 2018 International D.A.R.E. Training Conference and internationally at the Life By Design Conference in Alberta, Canada. Her love of writing and empowering women has led her to write on several platforms such as Swagher, Boss Babe and Thrive Global.  Valencia has been featured in Courageous Woman Magazine, Brilliant Awakening, and Diamond Diva Magazines, in which she became a 2017 Woman of The Year Nominee.  

Valencia encourages women to define life on their own terms.  Her story serves as evidence that your past doesn’t define you. It’s about using your past as a catalyst and give it the definition you want for your life.  It is about finding meaning and opportunity where others only see obstacles. Valencia ends her podcast with her signature phrase, “Your past doesn’t define you; it gives you definition and what you do with that is up to you.”

Valencia’s formative years were spent with a mother addicted to drugs and a verbally abusive stepfather. She details her story in the award-winning, best selling book, Motherless Child.


Writing and creating worlds in her own mind became her escape.  It also fostered her love of writing and the power of words at the tender age of eight.  

She doesn’t believe in statistics and tells audiences how to break that mindset.  In addition to writing, she uses her voice to empower others through her podcasts and speaking.  She has had the honor of presenting workshops challenging the prejudice against children of addicts, surviving domestic violence and more. 

Valencia enjoys a life of peace in Louisiana with her husband and son where she serves as a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) for children.  She formerly served on the Advisory Board for one of Atlanta’s top festivals, ABTF (Atlanta Black Theatre Festival). Currently, she is working on publishing projects for herself and others, ghostwriting and podcasting. 

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